individual services

Whether your dog took a dive into a mud pit and now needs a bath, or your cats claws have grown too long, you may not need a full service — but your pet definitely needs help. All VIP Grooming services are available for purchase individually if a full service is not needed. Get in touch with VIP Grooming to schedule any of the following.

Nail Trimming/Grinding

Overgrown nails and claws can be a thing of the past! Your pet can enjoy shorter nails and walk around in comfort with VIP Grooming’s customized nail trimming and grinding services.

Ear Cleaning

Clean ears make all the difference when it comes to animal comfort and wellbeing. Allow VIP Grooming to take good care of your pet’s ears and make day-to-day living that much easier for your pet.

Anal Gland Expression

Sometimes our pets feel discomfort because their anal glands are clogged. Relieve your pet and give them comfort with anal gland expression services.

Custom Colored Nail Caps (Soft Claws)

Nail caps allow your cat to run around your home without causing any destruction. After a few weeks, these caps fall off naturally. They cause no discomfort to your cat whatsoever. Get in touch for yours.

Sanitary Trimming

The potty path can sometimes get matted and dirty on pets. VIP Grooming offers sanitary trimming services to keep your pet healthy and clean.

Face Trimming

Feet Trimming

For quality pet services you can trust, call VIP Grooming and schedule your appointment.